How to Hold a Hockey Stick

Learning how to hold a hockey stick is a fundamental requirement to play the game. Ice hockey sticks are long and rather awkward in the bare hand, but you will be using your hockey gloves to better grip and control your ice hockey stick. Holding your ice hockey stick properly will assist you in many facets of the game. This includes, puck handling, shooting, defense and even balance. Take a look at the basic fundamentals of holding your ice hockey stick, Remember, this tips are for a right handed player, left handed players should make the necessary adjustments.

  1. Place the top of the stick in the palm of your left hand.
  2. Close your left hand as if to make a fist, thumb should be facing towards the blade.
  3. Take your right elbow and place it at your left thumb.
  4. Lower your right arm, place your right hand over the ice hockey stick. Make a fist over it. This commonly called the “rule of thumb.”

Skating with the stick (unopposed).

  1. Keep the stick in your left hand and skate forward.
  2. The ice hockey blade should maintain contact with the ice.
  3. Allow the ice hockey stick to move with you. It should flow from left to right as you skate. The purpose here is to allow you to skate freely and quickly and race towards a loose puck or an opposing player

Skating with the stick (opposed).

  1. Keep both hands on the stick.
  2. The blade can be off the ice here. But be sure not to raise it to high, there is potential for a high-sticking penalty.
  3. Keep the stick close to your body to support defending off checks. This will also aid you in delivering checks. The purpose here is to maintain firm control of your stick for passing, slap shots and defense or delivering a blow.

There you have some basic direction on how to hold a ice hockey stick in some basic hockey scenarios.

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