How To Hold An Indoor Field Hockey Stick

Knowing how to hold an indoor field hockey stick correctly is a simple way to become a better indoor field hockey player. Unlike outdoor hockey, indoor field hockey has shorter playing times, smaller goals and lighter sticks. However, even with all of these distinct differences, some things still stay the same, including how to hold the hockey stick.

To complete this task, you need:

  • Indoor field hockey stick
  1. Get the right size field hockey stick. The stick will be much easier to hold correctly if you get the right size for your height. Place the hockey stick upright next to your body. The appropriate sized stick will be just a few inches below your waist.
  2. Position your right hand. Find the bottom of the grip of your indoor field hockey stick. This is where you should grip with your right hand. Keep your palm flat and wrap your fingers around the grip.
  3. Get your left hand in place. Your left hand is the control hand, and it’s placed near the top of the indoor field hockey stick. Your thumb and forefinger should be facing downward as you grip the hockey stick. Because your left hand is the control hand, left-handed players often have an advantage in indoor field hockey.
  4. Practice by shaking hands. The control hand can be a little trickier to place. However, because it’s used to control the indoor hockey stick, it’s very important to get the placement right. Hold out the stick or ask a friend to do it for you, and approach it as if you were shaking hands. Shake the butt end of the hockey stick to find the correct placement for your left hand.
  5. Avoid a tight grip. Neither hand should be squeezing the indoor field hockey stick too much. You want to always retain the control, particularly with the control hand, so you can easily maneuver while playing.
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