How To Hold The Pick In Guitar Strumming

Learning how to hold the pick in guitar strumming isn't so hard, and there are just a few things to keep in mind when getting started. If it's your first time playing guitar with a pick and you're struggling to figure out how to hold the pick in guitar strumming, rest assured that you'll be strumming like a pro after just a little practice.

  1. Grip the pick between your thumb and index finger. These two fingers should grip the pick. Using them will give you greater control over your playing than with any other thumb-finger combination. Those learning how to hold the pick in guitar strumming often do this intuitively, but if you're new to the guitar, be sure you're only holding the pick like this and not with your thumb and middle finger, for example.
  2. Grip the pick near its top left corner. When your thumb and index finger are holding the pick securely, make sure they are situated near the top left corner of the pick—the top of the pick's "fat" end—but not at the pick's center nor along the edge. Between the center of the pick and its top left edge is best. When discovering how to hold the pick in guitar strumming, you should remember to hold the pick like this, although doing so will come naturally to you after just a little practice.
  3. Don't use your middle finger as a brace. Some new guitarists learning how to hold the pick in guitar strumming try using their middle finger for extra support. Only your thumb and index finger are needed to hold the pick while strumming. If you use any additional fingers, too much of your hand is getting too close to the guitar strings, and your fingers may strike the strings before the pick does. Now that you know how to hold the pick in guitar strumming—using just two fingers, that is—feel free to strum hard without any fear that the pick will slip away. Frequent practice, of course, will ensure that you can hold the pick properly without having to think about it. 

Reference: How To Hold The Guitar Pick 



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