How To Hold A Roller Hockey Stick

In order to reach your full potential in hockey, you have to be able to hold a roller hockey stick correctly. If you aren’t that into the sport, learning this is not really a big deal. However, if you hope to be in the NHL someday you should start by learning how to hold a roller hockey stick. Here are a few steps that will help get you a step closer to the pros.

To hold a roller hockey stick, you will need:
  • Hockey gloves
  • Hockey stick
  1. Wear your gloves. Even though it might help, you do not have to be fully dressed in skates and pads to learn how to hold a roller hockey stick. On the other hand, you should wear your gloves to do this right.
  2. Use both hands. You may notice on TV that professional hockey players use one hand to hold a hockey tick. They can do this because they are professionals, but you are just starting out. It is best if you start out by using both hands. With practice you will get better.
  3. Hand position. One of your hands should be placed at the top of the stick with your thumb facing down. Your other hand should be about a foot down the shaft. Your thumb on this hand should also be faced down.
  4. Take a few swings. Test out how the grip feels by taking a few swings. Reverse hand positions. This will allow you to evaluate which hand feels more comfortable and where.
How you hold a roller hockey stick contributes to how you play. The hockey stick may not feel too comfortable at first, but just keep practicing. Before you know it you’ll be able to hold a roller hockey stick in one hand with no problems.



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