How To Hold A Tennis Racquet Properly

If you are just learning how to play tennis, one key part of the process is learning how to hold a tennis racquet properly. There are several different types of grips, or ways to hold a tennis racket, each with its own benefits, however the European or continental grip is the most-commonly taught grip for beginners. Once you master the European grip and learn how to hold a tennis racquet properly, you can try other grips to find out which one you like best.

  1. Examine the handle of your tennis racquet. Looking at the smallest or butt end of the handle, you should see eight sides of the handle, two of which that are larger than the rest.  
  2. Place your hitting hand (right if you are right handed or left if you are left handed) open in front of your body, as if you were going to shake hands. Separate your fingers about one-half inch apart.
  3. Grasp the tennis racquet in your other hand perpendicular to the ground. Grip the racquet on the shaft or rim, leaving the handle open.
  4. Place your thumb of your hitting hand along the shorter flat side of the racquet. The thumb should run along the length of the handle with the tip pointing towards the hitting surface.
  5. Grip around the racquet with the rest of your fingers. Be sure the longer flat side of the racquet is facing your palm.
  6. Evenly space your fingers over the handle of the racquet. Wrap your first finger over the top right bevel, so that your knuckle is touching the bevel. This should form a V shape between your thumb and first finger, with the base of the V towards the butt end of the racquet.
  7. Get a feel for how to hold a tennis racquet properly and how much pressure you must apply to holding the racquet when playing. Holding the racquet too tight may limit your range of motion while holding the racquet too loosely may cause you to drop the racquet while playing. Find a happy medium between those two extremes.
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