How To Hold On To Water Skiing Rope

Learning how to water ski begins with learning how to hold on to water skiing rope. Water skiing is a fun and popular sport but it is not without danger. Before engaging in water skiing be certain you are in good physical condition, have a thorough understanding of safety rules, and are fitted with the proper equipment.

To hold a water skiing rope, you will need:

  • Water Skiing Rope
  • Water Skiing Handle
  • Water Skiing Gloves
  1. Check the rope. Before you begin to water ski check the rope carefully from end to end. Check for signs of weakness, fraying or breaks. Check the hardware that connects the rope to the boat and the water skiing handle. Replace any worn or broken parts before continuing.
  2. Proper stance. The proper stance for water skiing is to keep your knees and elbows bent so they will act as shock absorbers while hanging on to the water skiing rope and being pulled over water by the boat.
  3. Proper grip. While wearing water skiing gloves, hold the handle of the water skiing rope in a vertical position. Picture the hand position for holding a baseball bat for either a left handed person or a right handed person. Invert the hands, meaning if you are right handed and hold a baseball bat with your right hand on top of the left hand, switch hand position and hold the water skiing rope handle with the right hand on the bottom and the left hand on the top. Reverse the hand position if you are left handed by placing the left hand on the bottom and the right hand on the top while keeping the water skiing handle vertical.


Always wear water skiing gloves when water skiing to improve your hand grip.



Never wrap the rope around your wrist or any part of your body to avoid rope burns, cuts or serious injury.



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