How Hollywood Actresses Tease Male Fans

Did you know Hollywood actresses tease male fans? These Hollywood actresses are slick and don't let them fool you for one second. These beautiful women are all over the place such as the red carpet, music videos, the silver screen, the small screen, and other forms of media outlets. How do Hollywood actresses teas male fans?

  1. Upskirts, nipple slips, and no bras, oh my! You have seen the photographs of Hollywood actresses coming out of a stretch limousine and you can see what type of panties she is wearing. Elizabeth Hurley has one of her breasts hanging out on a film premiere for almost an hour and someone has to point it out to her. Someone should know that their damn breast is hanging out of their dress. It feels a little chilly out here! Hollywood actresses tease male fans and they enjoy making us suffer. Men would think that bras are no longer in existence because actresses seem to not wear bras anymore. If a Hollywood actress is wearing a tank top, she is not wearing a bra. Her pokies are harder than a missile and you can see them clearly, then there is a problem.
  2. X-ray clothing. Men think they are Superman, but that is actually Hollywood actresses giving you a sneak peek of their cash and prizes. Some of the most famous actresses in Hollywood wear see-through clothing and tease the hell out of us. Women such as Beyonce and Jessica Alba love to drink the purity tonic, but they have been caught wearing see-through clothing. “Jessica Alba needs to do a real nude scene!” Dude, she already has! Jessica Alba knows her male fans are watching her like an Atlanta hawk and she wears these revealing shirts and she thinks no one can tell. Not only do these Hollywood actresses tease male fans with this X-ray clothing, they do not even wear anything underneath. Hollywood actresses have no problem going cobra commando (no panties). Every Hollywood actress does this.
  3. Paparazzi, may I flash for you? Hollywood actresses tease male fans when the paparazzi are watching their every move. These women are on beaches topless and sometimes wearing nothing at all. Hollywood actresses are flashing the cameras coming out of some chic nightclub drunk off of their ass. Many of them pretend that the paparazzi are not there and they begin to start dancing provocatively. How many times have you went on a female celebrity website and some Hollywood actress is doing something naughty? They are doing this for a reason, to tease men of all ages.
  4. I have a non-nudity clause in my contract! Hollywood actresses tease male fans with this dumb clause that says that they do not have to be nude in any film that they make. Actresses are usually drop dead gorgeous right? They have a job mostly for their looks and they have to eventually do a sex or nude scene. If they finally do a nude or sex scene, they will take light years to do one. A director had to pay Halle Berry $250,000.00 to be topless in the 2001 film “Swordfish”. Some Hollywood actresses will never do a sex or nude scene ever and that is not fair. We paid to see your stupid film the least you could do is show us some skin!
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