How To Hook Up CD Player To Speakers

Learning how to hook up CD players to speakers is very simple. There are certain quick procedures to hooking up handheld CD players to speakers. There are a different set of equally quick procedures to hooking up a home CD player to speakers as well. The procedures for both will literally take no more than five minutes a piece. Here's how you hook up CD players to speakers.

Handheld CD Player:

  1. Stand Alone Speakers. By stand alone speakers, we are referring to those speakers that are connected together by an audio cord. They have their own AC adapter and another plug to hook into some sort of receiver. They also have there own sound regulator as well. The perfect example of stand alone speakers are a set of speakers you plug into a computer. Notice how the stand alone speakers have a plug that resembles the business end to a set of headphones. All you have to do to hook up a CD player to these speakers is to plug the speakers into the jack on the CD player designated for the headphones and that's that. To adjust the sound, turn the CD player's levels all the way up and use the speakers' sound regulator to control the volume.
  2. Stereo System. The stereo systems have at least one of two ways to hook up a hand held CD player to them. You can either run the CD player through an auxiliary port or hook the CD player up through the duo colored audio input ports. The audio input ports require a "two-to-one" cord. The two to one is nothing more than a cord that has the color coated red and white plugs on one end and a single plug on the other. Hook the corresponding red and white plugs into the color coated audio input on the stereo system and hook the single plug into the head phone jack of the CD Player. The auxiliary port takes a "one-to-one" cord. See, very easy stuff, right? Make sure to adjust the sound as aforementioned for the best results.

 Home CD Player:

  1. Speaker Hook Up. Home CD Player to speaker hook up is even easier than hooking up a handheld CD player to speakers. Speakers designated for a home stereo system come with cords that are dual colored (usually red and black). The end of the cord splits off into two exposed wires. Look at the back of your CD player. You should see a color coded spring activated holding system for those wires. Simply push down on the springs and insert the correct colored wires into the designated spots. Do it for both speakers. That's that. Really quick right?
  2. Test 'em out. Turn on the system to see if the sound works. If not, just tweak with the wires again. You should be able to hear sound coming equally out of both speakers.
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