How To Hook Up Dell Computers At Work

Hooking up Dell computers at work can be easier than you might think. The process is the same for most desktop computers as well. Dell computers can be easy to connect especially, because they often have color coded connections on the back of the computer that match cable colors and have pictures of the components they go to. Follow these simple steps to hook up the computer:

What you will need:

  • Desktop Computer and power cable
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Ethernet jack for internet connection
  • Computer monitor and correct video and power cables
  • Speakers and cables if needed
  1. Look at the back of the computer. Find the video output connection. Attach the monitor cable to this connection and the back of the computer. 
  2. Attach the speaker audio cable to the back of the computer to the round connection. It may have a logo next to it with an arrow pointing away from some lines. It may also be green.
  3. Attach the keyboard and mouse to the back of the computer. If these use a USB cable, attach them to the normal USB connections. If they have round connections with pins, connect each to the connector on the back of the computer that has a small picture of either the keyboard and mouse next to it.  You must connect them to the corresponding connection even though the keyboard and mouse may have the same round connector. They may be color coded as well.
  4. If there is an ethernet jack for network connections, attach the network cable to the back of the computer. The connection looks like a phone connector but is slightly wider and then connect the cable to the jack in the wall.
  5. Connect the computer power cable to the back of the computer to the power connection and then to a surge protector if you have one or to a wall outlet.
  6. Power on the computer and check that everything works as it should. 

Tip: By taking the connections one at a time, hooking up a computer at work can be fairly simple to do. Just make sure all connections are made fully. You may need to contact a system administrator to connect to the work network.


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