How To Hook Up Flat Panel LCD TV

Need to know how to hook up a flat panel LCD TV? A flat panel LCD TV is an exciting purchase to bring home. Now, get it hooked up as quickly as possible and start enjoying television the way it's supposed to be. Here's the keys to a successful television installation.

  1. Unpack the television carefully. Flat panel LCD screens are more fragile than their CRT counterparts. Make sure not to scratch the screen. Pull out all the supplies. You should have a power cord that may or may not be attached to the television. Usually, the stand is not attached to the television out of the box. Spread out your materials and make sure that you have everything in the box that is supposed to be there.
  2. Attach the stand to the bottom of the television as shown in the instruction manual. This is usually an easy process with just a screw or two to fasten down.
  3. Stand the television up on the surface you wish it to display from. Leave the flat panel LCD TV turned sideways a bit so you can access the back panel for the wiring.
  4. Plug in the power cord to the wall. If it was hard-wired into the television, then it's that simple. If not, you will have to connect it to the television and the wall. It is easy to tell which end goes to which because the plugs are not the same.
  5. Attach the cable source. This will probably be and HDMI cord coming from a DVR or cable box of some sort. Flat panel LCD TVs manufactured after 2007 will not have a place to attach an analog coaxial cable. If this is what you have, you will have to purchase a digital converter to convert the coaxial cable to a digital signal.
  6. Push the television to its final position. It should now be functional. Turn it on.
  7. Most televisions will need some tweaking to get the best picture. Use the television's menu system to adjust the color parameters until you have a picture that best matches your situation. Get ready to enjoy a whole new world of television with a flat panel LCD TV!
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