How To Hook Up Home Subwoofer

Nothing is better than a home theater system, and to install one you need to know how to hook up home subwoofer. Hooking up a home subwoofer is generally easy and can be done by anyone. Usually, you can figure out how to do this in the instruction manual for the subwoofer you bought. However, you may be custom installing or have purchased a special subwoofer for a different system. If this is the case or you just need to know more, then refer to the following on how to install a home subwoofer.

  1. Some subwoofers have a normal speaker wire. Subs with a normal speaker wire will need to be connected to a receiver or amplifier then receiver. The receiver is the source for the audio output, it is what commands what is played. Usually, you will be able to insert the positive and negative leads of the speaker wire to their respective ports and be on your way. You would then only need to plug in the power. If the subwoofer does not have an amplifier built in, then you may need to run the speaker wires into the amplifier and then to the subs.
  2. Some subwoofers are designed to be plugged in even easier. These subwoofers come with a single RCA output that is usually orange colored. Once the subwoofer is powered on, it only needs this one cable to start playing bass.
  3. Rarely, subwoofers are plugged in with just a mono cable, and power of course. The mono cable is just like the cable coming out of traditional headphones.
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