How To Hook Up Hot Tub Heater Manually

Why hire professionals when you can learn how to hook up a hot tub heater manually? There are a few simple guidelines that you should first know (such as learning some electrical wiring guide) to be able to hook up the hot tub heater manually successfully.

To hook up a hot tub heater manually, you will need:

  • PVC pipe
  • PVC hand saw
  • Circuit breaker
  • Water heater
  • Insulator
  • Rubber gasket
  1. Know the basic in electrical requirement for a hot tub heater. A 240V hot tub should have an electrical circuit that will meet the load requirements in amperes as provided by the manufacturer’s hot tub heater manual. Make sure that your breaker will be of the specified size as stated in the manual with the appropriate safety features against electric shock.
  2. Locate where to place the heating unit. It is ideal to place the hot tub heater on a non-flammable surface like cement. There should be enough space to keep the heater safely. Placing the hot tub heater in the proper surface level is crucial for its performance in order to provide effective circulation of heat, either parallel or perpendicular to the tub.
  3. Hook the hot tub heater to the hot water port of the tub. This should be about four to six  inches below the water line from the tub. Make sure that the hot water port is not exposed while operating the unit. You will need the PVC pipe to connect the heater to the port with the appropriate length that you desire. It is ideal to use 1 1/2 inches of PVC pipe.
  4. Cut the PVC pipe with a hand saw and insulate. A foam pipe insulator is highly preferable for the pipe as you hook up the hot tub heater to the hot water port. To connect to the port, cut a hole with at least 21/2 inches in diameter in the tub wall. Tighten the fixture on the port by placing a rubber gasket and compress it to create a watertight seal.
  5. Connect the electrical wiring as described by the installation manual. Fill the tub with water and test the heater. Make sure that the switch works properly as you test the hot tub heater. Double check the wirings and the breaker to prevent the risk for electric shock.
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