How To Hook Up An iPod AV Connection

Learn how to hook up an iPod AV connection so that you can watch videos stored on your iPod on your TV. Hooking up an AV connection is not too complicated, and it takes only a few minutes to turn your iPod into a miniature DVD player. You must purchase a kit from the Apple store or from a third party company in order to hook up your iPod to your TV. This also allows you to hook the iPod up to other sources such as a stereo with composite connections. Follow these steps for how to hook up an iPod AV connection.

To hook up an iPod AV connection, you will need:

  • iPod with video capability
  • iPod AV cable kit
  • Television


  1. Plug your iPod into your computer. Download a video onto your iPod using iTunes or related video software. You can add all types of videos to your iPod, but you must have an iPod with video capability. Unplug your iPod once finished.
  2. Hook the iPod AV cable up to your iPod. Note that you must purchase an AV cable kit specifically for the iPod. Plug the red, yellow and white composite cables from the AV cable kit into a video input on your TV, and plug the 30-pin connector to your iPod. Plug the USB portion of the cable into the included power adapter, and plug the power adapter into outlet on your wall.
  3. Turn on the TV. Press the "TV video" button until you find the appropriate video input channel. Turn on the iPod and select your video from the list. Press the "Play/Pause" button to start the video.
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