How To Hook Up An iPod USB Connection

Learning how to hook up an iPod USB connection in your car can be beneficial if you want to listen to the songs on your iPod while driving. Many modern vehicles have a USB port that allows you to hook up an MP3 player or jump drive to your vehicle in order to listen to the music on your portable player. It is very simple to hook up an iPod through the USB input port on your car stereo using a special iPod USB cable. Follow the steps outlined in this article to hook your iPod to the USB connection on your stereo.

To hook an iPod to the USB connection, you will need:

  • iPod
  • iPod 30 pin connector cable
  • Stereo with USB port
  1. Turn on the ignition so that you have power to the stereo. You can also set the ignition switch to "accessory" or equivalent.
  2. Plug the 30 pin connector cable into the port on your iPod. Ensure that the iPod is set to the "off" setting. Note that you can use any version of the iPod including the Shuffle, Nano, standard, video or touch iPod.
  3. Plug the USB connector from the iPod connector cable into the port on the face of the stereo. Note that some car stereos have USB ports behind them instead of on the face of the stereo. If your model is like this, plug the iPod into the connector cable on the back of the stereo.
  4. Turn on the stereo and turn it to the "auxiliary" or equivalent setting. The stereo will automatically recognize the iPod. Browse through the songs using the dials on the stereo.
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