How To Hook Up A JVC Stereo Receiver

If you just purchased a receiver for your home stereo system, then you need to know to hook up a JVC Stereo Receiver. In order to have surround sound, you need to have a receiver to be the source of all of your connections. A receiver is used to plug in all of your components and speakers onto your home stereo system. The receiver is the main switch that you will use for all of your audio and video sources to come through your surround sound stereo speakers. In a few steps, you can learn how to hook up a JVC stereo receiver.

To hook up a JVC stereo receiver you need:

  • stereo receiver
  • audio cables
  • television
  • all components you want connected
  1. Find a place to set your JVC stereo receiver. Make sure to place your receiver close to the television. Allow for enough room and easy access for all of your wires and cables to be hooked up to the receiver.
  2. Attach the cable connector. Take the cable connector and attach it from the stereo receiver to the antenna input on the back of the television.
  3. Connect your audio cables. Connect the audio output of television to the "Video" or "Cable" audio input on your stereo receiver. Line your cables up by color and connect any additional components you have to the JVC stereo receiver. Make sure that all of your cables go into the same label input jacks on your receiver as your output jacks on your television.
  4. Turn on the stereo receiver and your television. Select "input" on your television remote control and switch to one of the components you have just set up. If have set up the stereo receiver correctly, you will get audio from your television on your stereo system.
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