How To Hook Up Kenwood Car Stereo With Amp

If you want strong sound from the car stereo, you must know how to hook up a Kenwood car stereo with amp. This will increase the capacity of the stereo speakers. Often the deck that suits your requirements and even the amplifier that delivers a good signal is produced by different firms. For people who desire strong sounds from their stereos from Kenwood and want to attach it to the Pioneer amplifier, few people know that the job is quite easy and can be done by people who may or may not have any experience with cars stereos.

Things You Will Need to Hook Up Kenwood Car Stereo With Amp:

  • A wiring kit for the Amplifier
  • Drill
  • Grommet mad of Rubber
  • Removal tools for the trim panel
  • Adapter for the wiring harness


  1. Remove the ground cable from the vehicle. It will be connected to the negative terminal of the battery. The ground cable joins the battery with the chassis of your vehicle. Use the 10-mm wrench or head screwdriver (Phillips) to unscrew clamp of the cable. Take out the clamp and keep it away till you finish off with the installation of the amplifier. Soon you will hook up the Kenwood car stereo with amp
  2. Join the terminal called the ring terminal with the positive cable of the battery. Make an opening on the firewall of the compartment housing the engine using a drill. Place the grommet made of rubber in the opening to provide protection to the cable (power). Keep the hook up instructions that came included in the Kenwood car stereo with amp for reference.
  3. Take the cable (power) to the opening that has just been made from terminal that came with the kit. Take the cable towards the trunk also called the cargo region inside the vehicle. Using the removal tool for the trim panel take the panel over the doorway through the openings. Take the other cable (power) under the cloth or carpet below. Change the trim panel using your hand keeping back the carpet the way it was.
  4. Take out the Kenwood car stereo with amp from the dash of the vehicle. Use your vehicle's manual and follow the instructions to do this. Pull out the deck adequate distance away from the dash so as to get to the wire connections at the back side. Take the wires from the rear and group them using binders.
  5. Join the groups with the vehicle and the adapter of the wire harness. Join the leads of the adapter with the Kenwood car stereo with amp.
  6. Join the cable of the signal and the switch on the lead that came with the amplifier wire kit with the adapter. Run the cable to the cargo region from under the carpet. This should be opposite to the side the cable of the power supply coming out of the battery.
  7. Change the deck on the dash. Use the manual for appropriate instructions for doing this.
  8. Join the Switch on lead, the power and the signal wiring with the amplifier.
  9. Join the ground wire with the amplifier using the bolt in the cargo region. A bolt that joins to the frame of the vehicle should be adequate.
  10. Change the ground cable to the negative terminal of the battery. Secure the clamp using the 10-mm wrench or the screwdriver from Phillips. Now that you have a successful hook up, enjoy your Kenwood car stereo with amp.
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