How To Hook Up A Mixer To A Computer

Need to know how to hook up a mixer to a computer? Hooking an audio mixer up to your personal computer could save you money on studio production. You could get the same high quality mixing and sound quality right from the computer. You are steps away from getting the studio-type hookup you deserve.

To hook up a mixer to a computer, you will need:

  • RCA cables with a 3.5mm jack
  • An audio mixer
  • A computer
  • An audio editing program of your choice
  1. Plug the RCA cables into the mixer. The first thing you need to do is begin the plug-in process. The RCA cables are red and white ("input" and "output"). You will know which one hooks in where on the mixer as they are color coded on the back of the mixer and on the cable itself. More than likely, there will be more than two RCA ports in the back of the mixer. You should start connecting your cables to the first two top ones. The others are there for other devices to be connected.
  2. Plug in the cord to the computer's microphone port. On the other end of the RCA cord, there should be a 3.5mm jack that fits into the microphone port of any personal computer. The only thing you would have to do is insert the jack there. Please note to never force any parts into ports that do not fit. If it does not fit (more than likely it should), then get an adapter.
  3. Open the audio editing program of your choice. When you open the audio editing program of your choice, you could always go back behind the mixer. You could add more RCA cables with a 3.5mm jack to add more devices. Your computer should recognize your mixer. If not, then check to see if your mixer came with a startup disc.
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