How To Hook My Olevia Television To My Computer

Are you asking yourself "how to hook my Olevia television to my computer?" Using a television as a computer monitor can really jazz up your computing experience. Not only will the graphics look better, but televisions are typically bigger than monitors as well. Nothing is better than playing your 3D computer games on a 46" LCD television! Olevia's LCD televisions are a great and cost-efficient choice for upgrading your computer monitor.

  1. Place your computer near the LCD television, much as you would if it were a normal monitor. The cord that goes between the computer and television is typically not very long. You can purchase extenders, of course, but for now, this will get you up and going.
  2. Run the cord that normally goes to the monitor to the back of the Olevia. Olevia TV's come with the ability to take a PC signal. Find the port marked "VGA" and plug the computer in. It's really that simple. Turn on the computer and you are using your Olevia as your makeshift computer monitor. If your computer is equipped with a video card with the capability, you may be able to hook up the Olevia through an HDMI port. This will provide the best fidelity, but not all video cards support this feature. If yours does, attach an HDMI cord to the computer and then to the Olevia on any available port. 
  3. Adjust the resolution on your computer. In Windows-based operating systems, this can be done by accessing the Control Panel. Find the display settings and change your resolution to meet your new screen size. Experiment until you find the resolution that fits your needs. 
  4. Adjust the settings on the television as well. Use the menu interface via the remote control to experiment with brightness and contrast settings until the computer picture looks crisp and clear.
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