How To Hook Up TiVo

Knowing how to hook up a TiVo box is made easy with some simple know how and an actual owners manual. You can be recording live TV in no time. The thing to know is what kind of television you will be hooking up your TiVo box to. Will it be a HD or analog TV hook up? For the sake of argument, lets say you're hooking up an HD TV.

Things needed for this installation:

  • Television
  • High definition cable or satellite service
  • Antenna
  • VCR or DVD recorder
  • HDMI cable
  1. Activate your service. Its important to actually have the service activated and ready to go before you begin install. 
  2. Connect your HDMI cable to your TiVo and run the other half of the line to the outlet on your TV labeled "HDMI." These cables do not come with the box they must be purchased separately. 
  3. Connection to the TiVo service will have to be gained using Ethernet cables to either an internet router or wireless. When hooking up the Ethernet cables, insert them into the USB ports. You might have to use a phone connection to the service.
  4. Once all this is set up, you must set your TV to the source in which you will be using the service. With the service up and running, the program will walk you through the basic instructions on everything you need to install.
  5. In case you do not see the "Welcome to Tivo" screen, run a check on the power source and make sure everything is hooked up per your chart. 


  • If you're going to hook up the TiVo with a VCR, additional cords will be necessary.

With a little double checking you should be good to go. Now you can sit and watch all of the shows you missed while at work.

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