How To Hook Up TV Blu-Ray Receiver Speakers To Subwoofer

Need to know how to hook up TV Blu-ray receiver speakers to a subwoofer? The good news is, if you have the home theater receiver in that list, you have a central device to connect everything to, including your Blu-ray and audio equipment. Home theater, or A/V, receivers can simplify connecting all of your devices. You can connect audio and video sources to this device and more easily switch between them. Follow these steps to learn about how to hook up Blu-ray receiver speakers to your subwoofer.

To hook up TV Blu-ray receiver speakers to a subwoofer, you will need: 

  • Audio cables
  • Video cables
  • Device manuals
  1. Connect your home theater receiver video output to your TV. The cable you use to connect them will depend on your devices. More recent models will use HDMI or other high definition cables. If you have a speaker set, do not connect the audio outputs to your TV.
  2. Connect the audio outputs on the receiver your speakers. Make sure the correct speakers are connected to the right channel outputs. It is important to use the right outputs to ensure the best audio experience. Different sound is played to each individual speaker in a surround sound, or stereo, setup.
  3. Connect the subwoofer to the output on the receiver. The subwoofer can be placed in a corner or under the television.
  4. Connect the audio and video outputs on the Blu-ray player to the A/V receiver. For a Blu-ray player, you will get the best picture if you use component or HDMI cables to make the connection. It is especially important to use HD cables if you have a larger TV screen.
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