How To Hook Wii Game Console To PC Monitor

With today's technology who'd ever thought that you would be able to play a video game system with the use of your computer monitor? The gaming companies are making it much easier these days to do exactly that, and all you need are the right connections for the Wii and computer monitor. These easy tips will show you how you can play the Wii console using your current monitor.

Items you will need:

  • Computer Monitor
  • Computer
  • Nintendo Wii Console
  • TV tuner card with A/V hookup or coaxial cable
  • Alternate Video Card


  1. You will need to go to an electronics store to purchase a TV tuner card that is compatible with your PC. If you happen to purchase a PCI card, make sure a slot is available inside your computer for the card. You need to verify that the card has the correct inputs which are compatible with your Nintendo Wii adaptor. There will be a possibility that you might also have to purchase an adapter for your Wii console and those should not be hard to find at your local electronics store. Once the tuner card is installed into your computer you might also need to install the proper drivers and software to run the applications.
  2. Next connect your Wii console to the input jack on the tuner card using either a A/V cable or coaxial cable. The software that is included with the tuner card should allow for viewing the card's input source through the full-screen mode. So the Wii remote will work properly with the computer monitor, you must put the Wii sensor bar, which is how the console reads the activity from the controllers on top of the computer monitor.
  3. Now you are ready to insert a game into your Wii console, and turn the Wii on. Once the game is inserted you should be able to view the Wii welcome screen and hear the sound playing through the computer speakers.

Note: If this does not work please start again from step 1 and make sure all of the connections are properly secured.

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