How To Hook Up A Wii

Looking for directions on how to hook up a Wii? It should only take you about five minutes to hook up your Wii console with your television. Before you hook up your Wii with your television, you need to decide if you are going to place your Wii vertically or horizontally. If you place your Wii vertically, you will need to use the Wii stand plate that came with your Wii. You should place your Wii in a location that allows for free air flow.

To hook up a Wii, you will need:

  • A Wii console
  • A television
  • An AV cable
  • A Wii sensor bar
  • A Wii AC adapter
  1. Connect The AV Cable. The first step in hooking a Wii up to a television is to connect the AV cable. The AV cable is the cable with yellow, white, and red RCA plugs at the end of the cable. The other end of the AV cable, which has a AV multi out plug, goes into the AV multi out connector, which is located on the back of your Wii console. The colored RCA plugs go into the matching input connectors on your television.
  2. Setting Up The Sensor Bar. Once you have connected the AV cable, you are ready to set the sensor bar up. The sensor bar plug, which is red, goes into the sensor bar connector, which is located on the back of your Wii console, next to the AV multi out connector. You can mount the sensor bar below or above your television screen.
  3. Connect The AC Adapter. To connect the AC adapter to your Wii console, insert the DC plug into the DC input connector, which is located below the AV Multi Out connector on the back of your Wii console. The other end of the AC adapter plugs into any 120V AC wall outlet. Your Nintendo Wii console is now successfully hooked up to your television.

Tip: For added security when mounting the sensor bar, you can use the foam tape that is included on the supply sheet to stick the bar to the top or bottom of your television screen.



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