How To Hookup Wii To An Old TV

Want to learn how to hookup Wii to an old TV? You have your Nintendo Wii and you're ready to play, but the only TV you have to hook it up to is an older model. Why is this a problem? Older television sets don't have the audio/video (AV) input plugs that you need to connect your Nintendo Wii system so you can play your video games. But you can still use your Nintendo Wii if you have a VCR hooked up to the older TV. This will make for lower quality in the audio and visuals, but you will still be able to play your video games until a better TV comes your way.

You will need:

  • VCR or DVD player with AV input plugs
  • an RF cable
  1. Insert the AV multi-out cord (this is the cord with the three colored plugs on one end) into your Nintendo Wii. Connect the three colored plugs into the corresponding sockets on either the RF Modulator or VCR.
  2. Make sure your VCR is connected to the television. Because it's an older TV without an AV connection, it needs to be hooked up to an RF connection. This is done by connecting one end of the RF cable to the RF out jack on the VCR and the other end into the television's antenna terminal.
  3. Turn on the electronics. Power up your Wii, and turn on the TV. Put the television on the channel you would use to watch movies with the VCR, normally channel 3 or 4. Turn on the VCR and play a movie to make sure everything is hooked up properly. Keep the VCR on.
  4. Find the input select on your VCR. This can be found on the VCR remote and can have a number of labels, like Input Select, AUX, Input, EXT or Line In. There may also be a button behind a panel on the VCR. If this still isn't working, you may need to go on a different channel to find the video game screen.
  5. Change the input. When you've found the input select menu on your VCR, change it so you can see the screen playing from your Nintendo Wii on the TV screen. Now you can play your new video games on your older TV!

If you are using a VCR to hookup your Nintendo Wii make sure that it has AV input plugs, not AV output. Your Wii will not connect to the TV if it is hooked up to AV output plugs.



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