How Hospitals Can Ensure Safety For Pediatric Patient

How hospitals can ensure safety for pediatric patients is the number one concern of parents whose children must be hospitalized. Hospitals want to keep your children safe.  Hospital staff members take many precautions to keep pediatric patients safe, but human errors do occur.

  1. Hand washing. One of the best methods to ensure safety for pediatric patients is for hospitals to make sure that everyone washes their hands frequently. Hand washing is a simple and effective method to limit the spread of germs which lead to infections. Likewise, healthcare workers should wash the pediatric patients’ hands regularly. Signs reminding all visitors and personnel to wash their hands and use sanitizer should be posted in the hallways and on the door of each patient’s room.
  2. Parents as Partners. Parents are able to help hospitals when it comes to keeping pediatric patients safe. Hospitals should welcome parents in the pediatric rooms. Parents know which medications their children have taken in the past, which medicines they are currently taken and which medications and foods trigger allergic reactions in their children. Parents can provide useful insight about the normal behaviors of their children and changes they have noticed which may be results of medical conditions.
  3. Verify all Medications and ID Bracelets. The right medicine given to the wrong pediatric patient can lead to catastrophe. Hospitals can ensure safety for pediatric patients by verifying all medications and identification bracelets. Hospital personnel should double check these items upon each visit to a patient’s room. They should also confirm the identity of the pediatric patient with the parents.
  4. Verify all Scheduled Surgeries. When it comes to pediatric patients, doctors should double check all scheduled surgeries. Mix-ups do occur. Patients may have similar names and conditions and children are often unable to speak for themselves. Prior to surgery, the doctor performing the surgery should meet with the parents again to confirm the procedure, medical condition, and once again verify the identity of the pediatric patient.

When it comes to hospital safety, extreme precautions are welcome. Hospitals have a responsibility to ensure safety for pediatric patients.


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