How To Host A Dinner Party

Knowing how to host a dinner party is important for any socially cool guy. Introduce friends and relax together while entertaining at your place. A dinner party done right gets you major points with your buds, and with women, especially. Follow these tips to easily put together a dinner party to remember.

Here are the items you need to host a dinner party:

  • Paper invitations
  • Postage stamps
  • Dishes and silverware
  • Table cloth
  • Cloth Napkins
  • Low centerpiece of flowers
  • Beverages
  • Groceries for your menu
  1. Determine how many guests you want to invite to your dinner party. Invite only as many people as your home and table can accommodate. The optimum number to invite is anywhere from four to ten people. Mail paper invitations for an elegant touch, and ask for an RSVP a week ahead. Have a few more people on your list to immediately invite as back-ups in case someone bows out.
  2. Plan your menu. Use recipes that you have tried ahead of time, so you know you can cook them well and that they taste wonderful. Make a balanced menu of protein, vegetables, and grains. Plan a nice dessert too. Make the menu simple, so you don’t stress yourself out as a host.
  3. Set a fabulous dinner party table. Use your best dishes and silverware. Use a tablecloth and cloth napkins. Everything doesn’t need to match, as long as it looks good together. Use a centerpiece of flowers that’s low enough to see each other over.
  4. When guests arrive, take their coats, and put them in a closet or on a bed. A great host offers everyone something to drink right away. Introduce guests who haven’t met. Tell something each guest has in common with the others to make each person comfortable, and give them something to talk about.
  5. Serve the dinner as a buffet from the kitchen or sideboard of the dining room, or set all the dishes on the table to pass around. Facilitate the conversation as best you can.
  6. If you want your dinner party guests to leave right away after your dinner party, start cleaning up and doing dishes right away. If you’d rather hang out with guests, suggest they retire to a different room after dinner. Have games and/or after dinner drinks ready for a longer, relaxing evening.
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