How To Host A Film Festival

Knowing how to host a film festival may be the difference between having a successful and entertaining event and a bland,boring gathering. When many people think of film festivals, they think of grand extravaganzas with celebrities who make millions of dollars starring in foreign films. In reality, almost anyone with a passion for entertainment and films can host a successful film festival. In order to do so, there are a few pointers that can help you make your film festival a success.

  1. Try to stick with a specific theme at your film festival. People will not have the same tastes in film, so it is good to have some diversity. Too much diversity may make your film festival seem a little impersonal, so it may be best to find a common denominator between the films you will be showing.
  2. Advertise in as many ways as possible. They key to getting like- minded people to attend your film festival is to let them know about it. With the advances in technology and social networking, advertising should be a relatively inexpensive and easy process. Before you advertise, make sure that all of your plans are solid to reduce the risk of last minute cancellations. You can advertise on social networking sites, newspapers, local radio stations, as well as church bulletins and movie theaters (with permission).
  3. Search for undiscovered talent. New actors and filmmakers are more than likely very eager to receive any type of exposure. A film festival may help them to network, so they will probably be more than willing to participate in your film festival.
  4. Ask for sponsorship. Hosting a film festival may be relatively easy, but it may also turn out to be costly. You have to consider equipment costs, appearance fees, venue costs, and food costs. Local businesses may be willing to sponsor to get more exposure. Also, try to ask local directors or theaters of free supplies or other donations.
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