How To Host A Golf Tournament

How to host a golf tournament is not that hard. And, it's a great way of raising money or generating publicity for your cause or business. Plus, it's just fun. Who wouldn't mind taking a Friday off to play in a golf tournament? Hosting the event requires a few steps. Here's how to host a golf tournament.

  1. Get a budget. Talk to the boss man, CEO or president to see how much money the company will put into the tournament. The money will help pay for food and beverages and perhaps, dinner afterwards, along with the prizes.
  2. Pick a day. You would most likely want to have the event on a Friday. Those are usually the best days to host a golf tournament because it will have the feel of a three-day weekend, improving the spirts of those who play in the event.
  3. Find the course. Talk to people, co-workers and friends and find out a good golf course to host a golf tournament on. Call the course to see if it has anything scheduled the day you would like to host the tournament. Also, a course might offer discounted rates depending on the number of players.
  4. Figure out the cost. A good rule of the thumb to hosting a golf tournament is to try to make it no more than $50 a person to play in the event. If the entry fee includes food and beverage-in addition to golf-then that's not a bad deal and will help generate a lot of players.
  5. Advertise the event. Print out fliers and scatter them throughout the office so that the golf tournament is well exposed. Some good places to tape up the fliers include the bathroom door and somewhere near the water cooler. This will help generate the word about the golf tournament. If you host a golf tournament to generate play for other causes-such as for non-profit organizations-then a good way of advertising is to place an ad in a local newspaper, as well as to post fliers at golf stores around town, in addition to local golf clubs.
  6. Solicit help. You can't host a golf tournament by yourself. Ask people around the office to volunteer their time to help you host a golf tournament. Some may be golfers who would not mind lending their help and ideas for you.
  7. Plan and prepare. Make sure the food and beverages are in line. Make sure you've figured out what prizes are awarded to first place, second place and so on. Arrive early the day of the event to make sure all your ducks are in a row.
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