How To Host An Outdoor White Party

Ever since P.Diddy started hosting his annual all white party, the theme has been all the rage; next time you plan your party make it a white party and use this "how to host an outdoor white party" guide to do it. Fortunately, it’s so easy to host an outdoor white party that literally anyone can pull it off. Kicking off your summer with an all white party is a great way to bring friends together for a fun time.

  1. The invitations should be on white cardstock with simple black writing. In addition to informing the guests of the party details, make sure that you instruct them to wear all white to the party. In order for an all white party to be a success everyone needs to have all white outfits on.
  2. The easy part about hosting an outdoor white party is decorating. All of the decorations you buy should be white. Set up food tables and cover them with white table clothes, set out white paper plates and white plastic cups for your guests to use and make sure all of the food serving dishes are either white or clear crystal. Strands of white beads can be used as decorations as well. Lay them on the surface of the table around the food and fill a fish bowl with bead strands to use as a centerpiece. Chairs for the guests to sit in should be white or have white covers on them, as well. Lastly, hang strands of white lights throughout the entire party area. Not only does this keep within the white party theme, but it will look stunning as night falls.
  3. Even the food and drinks should stick with the theme when you host an outdoor white party. Set up a chocolate fountain that uses white chocolate and have strawberries for guests to dip in the fountain. Pile a plate with finger sandwiches, made with white bread and set out bowls of chips and dip. Think about serving white alcoholic beverages, like White Russians to stay within your party theme.
  4. Every white party needs music and an area to dance in. Crank up the sound system and play anything you can dance to. If the funds are available, you might consider renting a dance floor and hiring a DJ.
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