How To Hot Wax A Snowboard

Learning how to hot wax your snowboard is an important part of snowboard maintenance. Hot waxing a snowboard keeps it protected and keeps the edges from fraying. Hot waxing a snowboard will keep it looking sharp but more importantly protect it from the harsh elements. Snowboards are a serious investment and keeping it hot waxed will protect your investment. Hot waxing a snowboard is an easy process and doesn’t take all day to accomplish either. If you’re ready, let’s take a look at one method to hot wax a snowboard.

What you need to hot wax a snowboard:

  • Hot wax
  • Iron (simple and cheap one)
  • Brush, medium nylon
  • Base cleaner (used to remove old wax)
  • Rag
  • Ski scraper (waxing accessory)

How to hot wax a snowboard:

  1. Feel the bottom of your snowboard. If you feel indentation where the bindings are then flip the board over and loosen the binding screws (do not remove). This should reduce or eliminate the indentation. These areas can cause pooling of the wax, which is not a good thing.
  2. Take a rag and dampen it with base cleaner. Lightly wipe down the back of the snowboard just to clean it. Next, take your wax (hopefully, you purchased good rated wax that also tells you the hot waxing temperature of your iron). Set the temperature on the iron. If the temperature is not provided on the package, just be sure that the wax is not smoking when being applied.
  3. While the iron is heating up, take the wax bar and pass it over the snowboard as if you were coloring with it. Do this just enough to apply a small layer of dry wax, nothing more. Next, take the iron and tip it upward. Run the wax bar quickly over the entire iron.
  4. You should be able to see the wax building (liquid) on the iron. There should be no smoke, if there is then the iron is too hot. Over the snowboard, tip the iron allowing the wax to drip. Apply about one drop per square inch.
  5. Once you have dripped wax allover the board, apply the iron. Run the iron lightly over the board, running from toe to heel or side to side. Keep the iron moving over the wax, do not let it sit or stop at anytime unless you remove the iron from the snowboard.
  6. You should have an even layer of wax on the snowboard. The snowboard should shine from the hot wax. Allow the wax to set for about twenty-five to thirty minutes. Once set, take the ski scraper and scrap the bottom of the snowboard. Use plenty or pressure either moving away or towards you. Do this over the entire snowboard where you laid the wax.
  7. Finally, you are ready to brush the residue wax. Run the brush over the snowboard. By now, most of the hot wax you applied should be off. There should be a clean layer of hot wax on the base of the snowboard and it should appear clean.



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