How To Hug A Fat Girl

Everyone has a fatty on their sexual tally, but you might be wondering how to hug a fat girl. Sometimes you just don't know how to react, especially if you ended up with your fat girl because you were wearing beer goggles. It's the day after pounding that porker, and you need to figure out a nice and gentle way to say bye to a woman who probably looked like a perfect ten once you hit four pitchers of beer. You won't be lost on how to hug that fat girl good bye with the help of Made Manual.

  1. Start off by telling her that you had a fun night. Just because she isn't as physically attractive as you might have thought during the drinking does not mean that you should be an ass to her the day after. After all, fat girls are some of the best lays ever.
  2. Judge whether you can wrap your arms around her completely. Some girls are fat, and others are FAT.
  3. Wrap her up in a hug if you can get your arms completely around her. Don't squeeze too tight as you don't want to act like you are trying to see just how many inches of fat she's sporting.
  4. Put your hands on her shoulder blades or her back if she's a larger lady that you can't hug completely. Just add a bit of pressure for the hugging action so it doesn't seem like you're afraid to hug her, because let's face it, fat chicks give great head.
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