How To Hump A Girl

When learning how to hump a girl, the first thing you need to know is always have her permission first. As long as the girl is on board with it, then the fun can begin. To hump is the act of rubbing the male and female genitalia together without any actual penetration. There are several ways to hump, basically you have to go with what feels good to you.

  • Do have a towel on hand. It is important to think about the end result. Especially for men it is messy and inconvenient to finish in your pants. Having a towel on hand or even putting the towel in your pants will help in cleanup.

For Dry Humping

  1. Find a private quiet spot where you will not be bothered. Even if you are completely dressed you still do not want to be bothered during an intimate moment.
  2. Both of you remain fully dressed. It may be more comfortable to try humping this way the first few times until you are completely comfortable. This is also a safer way as there is almost no chance of body fluid exchange.
  3. Lay down on a bed. Let her straddle you. Start by churning your hips lightly. She will move up and down, or back and fourth in a rubbing motion. Increase in speed as it feels better and more enjoyable. Doing this action can end in orgasm even though no penetration or actual skin on skin contact has been made.

Another way to hump a girl which is used by couples who feel more comfortable with each other is obtained in much the same way as above. However you can have skin on skin contact which she may find more enjoyable.

  1. Undress each other slowly and seductively. Doing so will help to set the mood. Being in the right mood can bring more pleasure than just rushing into it. Take your time.
  2. Have her lean against a wall while you stand in front of her. Press tightly against each other, if she puts a leg around your buttock that can help draw you closer too her.
  3. Nibble on her neck. The neck is a sensitive area and will increase pleasure within her. Putting her more into the mood will also benefit you. She will return the favor.
  4. Start humping. In your current position start moving your hips in a thrusting motion or try a circling motion with your hips. If you feel her area is becoming slippery, you are doing a great job, continue what you are doing. Continue to alternate between moves to reach desired pleasure.

Tips: Keep in mind that you do not have to have penetration to get pregnant. While dry humping you are not as likely to become pregnant as you would be while humping skin on skin. To make sure you are safe weather you are having sex or even dry humping consider wearing a condom. Humping can be very enjoyable as an alternative to sex and can also be used as a very helpful tool in foreplay.

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