How To Hump A Pillow

Learning how to hump a pillow is a great alternative to having unsafe sex. You should know that masturbation by humping pillows is not uncommon, and is a safe and pleasurable alternative to sexual intercourse. When you hump a pillow it gives you a feeling similar to outercourse, or dry-humping. Following a few basic tips will help you get the most out of your pillow-humping experience.

To hump a pillow you will need:

  • One thick standard bed pillow or body pillow
  • A satin pillowcase
  • Cotton underwear
  • A towel
  1. Find a quiet, private location. You will need a room with a bed, or a comfortable couch. It is important that you not be disturbed, as family members or roommates may not appreciate your need to get yourself off by humping your pillow. 
  2. Set the mood. Create an environment that is comfortable for you. This may include turning off or dimming the lights, setting out some candles, or turning on your favorite love-making music. To hump a pillow it is important to create a setting similar to how you would like it for humping a person.
  3. Start humping the pillow. The best way to hump a pillow is to be on top, which keeps the pillow in place and helps generate the friction you will need to feel pleasure. Experiment with different motions, speeds and leg placement. Only through practice will you find the method that feels best to you.
  4. Be aware of your pending orgasm; pull out if you can. It may be tempting to cum all over your pillow or inside your underwear, but doing so means cleanup becomes a messier ordeal. Males must be especially conscious of this. When you feel yourself nearing completion, save yourself a lot of hassle by finishing on a towel or into a tissue. Consider changing underwear as you may have secreted some fluid during the act.


  • Do not feel the slightest bit embarrassed by this activity as you are only practicing a safe method of enhancing your sexual health.


  • Avoid performing the act too frequently or too vigorously to prevent injury to the genitals.