How To Hunt With A BB Gun

Whether you are an avid hunter looking for a challenge or a beginner wanting to start small, you may consider learning how to hunt with a BB gun. Hunting with such a small round and little power can pose a large challenge. However, when you get that first kill it can be just as satisfying as shooting your typical hunting rifle.

  1. Know how to use your BB gun. Before you start hunting with your BB gun, learn everything you can about how it works. Know how to put the gun on safe, load and fire it. Doing so before you go out hunting will help prevent injuries that BB guns can cause. Remember, it is possible to kill with any kind of gun.
  2. Choose your ammunition. Though it is possible to kill small rodents and birds at close range with plastic BBs, it is extremely difficult to do. Instead, choose a pellet-style ammunition. Pellets are much more likely to kill your prey and are therefore easier to hunt with. Just make sure you purchase the correct size pellet to fit your BB gun.
  3. Check the laws on hunting with a BB gun in your area. Most likely, you are still going to need a hunting permit when you are using a BB gun. In addition, many states have a particular season for people hunting with BB guns. In some cities, hunting with a BB gun is illegal no matter what. So before you head out to hunt, check with your local game authority to ensure you will be hunting legally.
  4. Decide what you would like to hunt. A BB gun will not be able to efficiently kill large game, so if you are planning on hunting this way, set your sites a little smaller. Small animals like squirrels, rabbits, birds and other prey of this size are much more realistic candidates.
  5. Find a place to hunt that will have the prey you are looking for. For example, do not go into a desert expecting to hunt squirrels. Instead, find a wooded area where squirrels will live. Just make sure you have permission to hunt on that land if it is privately owned property.
  6. Wait for your prey, aim and fire. Once you find a spot where your prey are likely to be, find a spot to sit and wait. When your desired animal comes along, take aim and slowly squeeze the trigger as you exhale. Make sure to aim at the places mostly likely to get one-shot kills, like the head. The result should be a successful hunting trip with your BB gun.
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