How To Hunt Bobcats

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to hunt bobcats. Bobcat hunting is a popular activity for a variety of reasons. Some individuals hunt bobcats as a trophy, and mount the animals in their homes, while others are simply trying to protect their property and family. No matter what the reason, you can be a successful bobcat hunter.

  1. Find a location that has a large bobcat population. Talk with local hunters, landowners, outfitters, and others to find the best location for hunting bobcats.
  2. Determine that best method of hunting. While hunting with dogs can be effective, it only works well if your dog is highly trained. Other popular methods for hunting bobcats include using a distressed animal call, which will lure the bobcat to your location.
  3. Look for evidence of recent bobcat activity. This includes bobcat tracks and dropping.
  4. Begin the hunt. If you are using dogs to assist you on your hunt, you can release them at this time. If, however, you are using a distressed animal call, find a good spot which will allow to to stay relatively motionless for long periods of time while you are making the calls.
  5. If you are lucky enough to shot a bobcat, you should pelt it almost immediately. This allow for optimal results if you are planning to mount or sell the skin. Be aware that if you do plan to sell the skin, some states require that you attach a tag identifying that you have shot the bobcat legally.



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