How To Hunt Coyote In Michigan

Want to know how to hunt coyote in Michigan? The number of coyotes in Michigan has expanded rapidly in the past few years.  Coyotes are no longer a rare sight, even in urban areas.  Here are the basics you need to know how to hunt coyote in Michigan.

You Will Need:

  • a rifle or bow
  • light big game caliber ammunition with a flat trajectory (if using rifle)
  • riflescope (if using rifle)
  • dark or camouflage clothing
  • a dying-rabbit call
  • a valid Michigan small-game hunting license

When to Hunt Coyote in Michigan

  1. Hunt coyote during the proper season.  Michigan's coyote season runs from July 15 to April 15.  During this time, coyote may be taken by anyone with a valid small-game hunting license.  Coyote may be hunted at night in Michigan as long as one follows the Department of Natural Resources' rules for non-lethal snaring.
  2. Know the property damage exception.  Coyotes may be taken any time of the year without a valid small game license if they are causing damage on your property, for instance if they are killing sheep.  Only the landowner or a guest of the landowner may hunt damage causing coyotes, and only on the land where the damage is occurring.
  3. Hunt at daybreak or dusk.  The best time of day to hunt coyote in Michigan is near daybreak or dusk, although it is possible to hunt coyote in broad daylight.

Where to Hunt Coyote in Michigan

  1. Choose an opening close to woods or brush in which to hide.  Stay downwind as much as possible.  The ideal spot will be raised somewhat from the surrounding area, have brush or a fallen tree for you to hide near, and will be set up so that the coyotes approach upwind.  Some hunters prefer to hunt coyote along creek beds.
  2. Ask local ranchers if they will allow you to hunt coyote on their property.  Many ranchers will agree to such an arrangement, particularly if you call them one to two weeks in advance to explain your interest in hunting coyote and set up a time for you to visit.  If you hunt on or near a ranch, pay attention to what lies beyond your shot.  Accidentally shooting a sheep or cow is a great way never to be invited back.

How to Hunt Coyote in Michigan

  1. Wear camouflage or dark clothing.  Coyotes rely primarily on their vision and scent to locate hazards and track prey, so keep out of their vision and nose range as much as possible.   A steady wind of about five to twelve miles per hour is ideal for coyote hunting, as it will allow the call's sound to travel while keeping your scent masked.  Cover scent may be helpful, but it's not necessary.
  2. Use a dying rabbit call.  While other calls, such as coyote yelps, are growing in popularity, the dying rabbit remains a trustworthy standby for bringing in coyote.  Start off more softly than you think necessary, as coyotes can hear a high-pitched cry for some distance and a too loud cry may alert them to avoid you.  Although you can call continuously, you may have more success if you call for about a minute, then stay quiet for two to three minutes.  Try to move as little as possible; coyotes are wary of any unusual movement. 
  3. Keep calling whether you hit or miss.  Coyotes, particularly those located near towns or busy roads, are not easily spooked by gunshots. 
  4. Switch locations after about fifteen minutes.  Coyotes move a great deal; keep moving with them.
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