How To Hunt Coyotes With A .17 HMR

Learning how to hunt coyotes with a .17 HMR can be a challenge. There is some debate as to whether the .17 HMR, the little brother of the .22, is powerful enough to hunt coyotes with. But hunting enthusiasts at recommend the round for small game such as coyotes.


  • .17 HMR rifle and ammunition
  • Rifle scope
  • Camo gear
  • Coyote hunting call
  • Hunting license, as required by local law
  1. Check local laws for restrictions when you hunt. Coyotes are legal to hunt in many states because they are considered a nuisance to both rural and urban communities. However, check with your local Department of Fish and Game for licensing, hunting seasons and other restrictions. This is especially important for beginners learning how to hunt coyotes with a .17 HMR.
  2. Scout and set up a coyote hunting site. Look for a site on public land, or get permission from a private land owner to hunt on his property. Choose a site near brush and vegetation for camouflage purposes, and adjacent to open desert.  Be sure you are downwind, or the coyote may smell you. If hunting with a partner, have him positioned behind you in an elevated position. If the coyote catches your scent and goes around, your hunting partner may have a chance to take the coyote down. 
  3. Lure the coyote to you. Use a coyote hunting call to mimic the sound of a wounded animal, such as a rabbit. Start the call softly at first. Remember, you are mimicking the sound of small prey. Slowly increase the volume of your call. Wait two to three minutes between each call to give the coyote time to hear it and respond.
  4. Wait for the right shot. Draw in the coyote as close as possible to your position, preferably between 50 to 100 yards, unless you are very accurate marksman. The .17HMR is a small caliber round, and if you don’t hit the coyote squarely in the chest or between the eyes, you will simply wound it. If the coyote flees while wounded, it will likely die a slow and painful death. Approach a wounded coyote with caution, and complete the kill quickly.

Learning how to hunt coyotes with a .17HMR take patience and skill as a marksman. But practice and experience will eventually lead to a successful coyote hunt.

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