How To Hunt Coyotes In Kentucky

The commonwealth of Kentucky provides a home for hundreds of farmers and livestock and knowing how to hunt coyotes in Kentucky comes as common knowledge for the residents. Coyotes feed on small wild animals and livestock, flourishing on a meal of lamb, pigs, calves, goats and poultry. In order for Kentuckians to prevent the death of livestock and pets, coyote hunting in the state of Kentucky is open year-round with traps, guns or dogs and using various other calling and attracting devices.

Gun hunting for coyotes is permitted year-round for land owners seeking to kill coyotes damaging farm animals or property. The coyote must be taken on the land owner’s property or immediately reported to a conservation officer for proper disposal of the coyote carcass. Kentuckians may also claim coyotes with snares, traps, guns or dogs during the trapping season for other furbearing animals like raccoons and rabbits.

Kentucky hunting laws also permit coyote hunters to call or attract coyotes using mouth, hand, battery or electric powered calls that imitate the distress cries of animals the coyote often prey on. Laws also permit attractant substances or devices such as scents of dead animals and the urine of other coyotes.

In addition to these laws, the Commissioner of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resource in Kentucky may also express written consent for a person or group other than the land owner to trap coyotes in order to remedy a coyote problem. Circumstances for this permission include elderly and disabled land owners unable to trap the coyotes themselves.



University of Kentucky: Managing Coyote Problems In Kentucky



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