How To Hunt Coyotes In Michigan In The Thumb

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to hunt coyotes in the thumb of Michigan. No matter if you are hunting to prevent damage to local livestock or simply are on vacation, it is essential to adhere to local rules and regulations regarding hunting in the thumb of Michigan.

  1. Before you actually begin hunting coyote in the thumb of Michigan, it is essential that you obtain the necessary permit. You will need a valid driver's license or other form of identification to do this.
  2. Locate an ideal spot for hunting coyotes in the thumb of Michigan. Local outfitting companies can provide you with the information necessary to find a good hunting location. Make sure that you choose a spot that will provide you with an adequate amount of camouflage, and contains the habitat that coyotes prefer. Typically, coyotes reside in areas with low-lying brush and rocky outcroppings.
  3. Use coyote hunting calls. Injured rabbit calls are growing in popularity as a way to attract coyotes, and can now be found at a variety of outdoors or sporting goods stores. Experiment with a variety of different types of calls to find one that works best for you.
  4. Be sure to follow all rules and regulations regarding the registration and transportation of coyotes in the thumb of Michigan. Not only would it be extremely embarrassing to be arrested for unlawful behavior, but it would also be very expense. Contact local officials or outfitting companies for information on how to properly register your coyote.
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