How To Hunt Coyotes At Night

Learning how to hunt coyotes at night can provide you with a healthy kill. Coyotes are night animals, so if you go camping frequently, you can always hear them at night. During the day, especially at hunting season, they are typically in hiding. Therefore, hunting coyotes at night in certain areas may be your best bet. While you may think that you are going to have a hard time finding them at night, with proper gears and techniques, you should be able to kill them easily.

  1. Make sure it is legal. Legality is everything. Every state has their own rules and regulations in terms of hunting coyotes. In some states, you can hunt coyotes year round, while in others, you can only hunt them in certain times and on state gaming land only. Some states also prohibit you hunting at night, unless you are a professional sharpshooter. Make sure that you check with the Fish and Wildlife Service and each state's gaming commission before you go out hunting.
  2. Set up a trap. It is always easy to see coyotes at night. With that in mind, you should prepare several spots as your trap. The reason to prepare several areas for hunting coyotes at night is that you do not know where they are going to come, and if they are aware of the trap. Therefore, survey several areas during the day for night hunting.
  3. Get a caller. Getting a handheld or electronic calling device to attract coyotes is a must when hunting coyotes at night. You need them to come to you, not the other way around.
  4. Prepare proper gear. Dressing for success is a must. Make sure that you wear full camouflage and night vision goggles. Using a heat sensing device is preferred, but they can be pretty expensive.


If applicable, make sure that you get a license and the necessary tags for your state.

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