How To Hunt Coyotes In Summer

If you are planning to hunt this summer, then you need to know how to hunt coyotes in summer. While a lot of hunters believe that winter is the only season to hunt coyotes, in fact, summer is also an incredibly good time to hunt coyotes. The nicer weather in summer would not only allow you to survey the terrain of your hunting area better, it also gives you great visibility when hunting. This article will help you with hunting coyotes in summer.

  1. Take advantage of the season. Especially at the beginning of the summer, when vegetation is not so dense, you can easily survey the terrain. Terrain is extremely important in hunting coyotes in summer. If you have a good understanding of the land, it will save you a lot of legwork down the road.
  2. Land access is extremely important. Land owners, especially the ones with domestic animals, do not tend to enjoy a predator’s presence, like coyotes. This is especially true during summer, when their livestock need to graze on the land while coyotes are preying upon them. Talk to the land owner to gain access to her land; this may not only land you a spot to hunt, but also a possible healthy profit from the fur.
  3. Ranchers and rangers are your friends when hunting coyotes in summer. In summer, hay meadows are most likely to be cut so that the ranchers have a clear view of the location of coyotes on their land. They can help you narrow down an area with a high density of coyotes.
  4. The best time to hunt is early in the morning. If you have an area already, then you should see greater coyote activity early in the morning when there are fewer disturbances. Also, it is easier on you. Remember, summer time is not only hot and humid, but insects are also in abundance.
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