How To Hunt Coyotes In The Woods

If you like to hunt in close distances, then you need to learn how to hunt coyotes in the woods. Though the tradition of coyote hunting was primarily started in the West Coast, it has quickly spread eastward. However, there is a major difference between the west and east: the terrain. Western land has wide open spaces where hunters can see for great distances at an elevated ground. This is not true in the east. Their terrain is often filled with bushes and shrubs, and let’s not forget about the dense thick forest. Therefore, it is extremely useful to know how to hunt coyotes in the woods, especially for hunters in the east.

  1. Select your terrain. Visibility is important, even in the woods. If possible, you should select a high ground in the woods, so that it provides you with height advantage.
  2. Use an electric caller. An electric caller is incredibly effective when used correctly. When hunting coyotes in the woods, an electric caller may able to attract nearby coyotes to it. Keep in mind that they may not be exactly on the electric caller, so that you should keep a good distance away. Also, an electric caller can distract a coyote’s attention away from the hunter.
  3. Wear full camouflage. When hunting coyotes in the woods, you are most likely going to be within close distance to the coyotes. Full camouflage is not only recommended, it maybe a necessity. Coyotes are extremely aware of its surroundings.
  4. Select your weapon. Due to the close distance, you may not need a large caliber weapon. Something in the range of .17 to .22 is probably good enough. Also, if you are looking to exact furs, then a smaller caliber is definitely better than the larger caliber weapon.


When hiding in the woods, it is best for you to stay at either very low grounds or very high grounds. Both of these places will be able to provide you with natural camouflage.

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