How To Hunt Deer After The Rut

Do you understand how to hunt deer after the rut is over? It it not impossible to do, the hunter just has to shift gears a bit and think about different needs of the deer. The deer are going to divert their attention for the most part to other basic needs as the weather changes towards winter. And those needs will be shelter, food, and water supplies for the winter months. 

Items you may need to hunt deer after the rut:

  • Warm clothing
  • Optics
  • Good boots
  • Topographical maps
  • Vacuum bottle
  • Blanket
  • Book

Procedure to hunt deer after the rut:

  1. Study your prey. Read up everything you can on deer and the area in which you will be hunting. This includes favorite food sources in your area, where the deer bed down, and if they migrate from one area to another during different seasons. The more you know, the more likely you will be to find a pattern when you hunt deer.  
  2. Study the area. Use topographical maps, and also physically scout the area you are planning to hunt deer. Find where the food sources are, where water sources are, and where the nooks and cranny thick areas are. Bucks will tend to hide more and travel less, especially as winter wears on them.
  3. Find funnels to and from bedding and food sources. Deer will use the quickest and fastest route which affords them the best cover.
  4. Watch for signs of late season rut.  Young does will often go into estrus a month or so after the mature does. Watch for signs of this and any resultant buck activity.
  5. Stay put longer, have patience. The hunter might have to be more patient and stay on stand longer. Once you find the areas where deer are bedding and living, you will have to stake it out. They will not travel as often, so you may have to have patience. A wool blanket, vacuum bottle of hot liquid, some snacks, and a soft cover book can help you stay in place for longer periods when you hunt deer. Just do not choose a book that is too engrossing.

Hopefully with a bit of patience, a bit of homework, and a bit of luck you will take your late season buck, or doe. Good luck, and good hunting.



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