How To Hunt Deer In Ohio

If you are considering a deer hunt this season, you may want to learn how to hunt deer in Ohio. Ohio has tons of deer, and you can bring home some amazing trophies. The Ohio landscape offers many types of hunts, from the wooded foothills of the Appalachian mountains to hunts along the great lakes and the farmland and plains the midwest is known for.

To hunt deer in Ohio, you will need:

  • Approved hunting gear (a bow with 40-pound draw or greater, a crossbow with 75-pound draw or greater, a shotgun with slugs or a muzzle-loading rifle)
  • A hunting license
  • Deer permits and tags
  • Access to hunting grounds
  • A hunting knife
  • Cloth game bags
  1. Complete hunter safety training. All Ohio hunters must complete hunter safety training through an instructor-led class, a home-study program or through showing proficiency. You've got a lot of flexibility in Ohio to prepare to hunt. The state even allows you to get an apprentice hunting license if you are willing to go with and be mentored by a licensed hunter over the age of 21.
  2. Buy your hunting license and permits. It's easy to get your license and permit to hunt deer in Ohio. Go online to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and use their easy license and permit finder to identify exactly what you need. There are multiple permits available, including standard deer permits and secondary permits for antler-less deer.
  3. Scout your hunting grounds. Ohio is covered with plains and gently rolling hills, though southeast Ohio is covered in the foothills of the Appalachian plains. Hunters are allowed to take the greatest number of deer in this southeastern range. The greatest number of deer are in these foothills, and scouting to observe their patterns will give you a better chance at a great and successful hunt.
  4. Get up early to hunt deer. Hunters know that deer move in the early morning and in the evening as they seek food and areas to sleep. On each day of the season hunting begins half an hour before sunrise and ends half an hour after sunset. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources prints daily hunting hours on its website, so check the regulations for the type of hunting you are looking for. Get in place early to take advantage of each hour of the hunt.
  5. Stalk, still hunt or take a stand. In western Ohio, with primarily flat land, still hunting areas where deer congregate to eat during early mornings and early evenings can be very effective. Hunting the eastern foothills from a tree stand or by stalking can be the most exciting and effective hunts in Ohio.

Ohio is a great place to hunt deer. If you are up for some great hunts, learn how to hunt deer in Ohio. Remember, Ohio, like many midwestern states, disallows hunting deer with modern rifles, so your hunts will provide a challenge, and shots will likely be at short distances and will test your hunting prowess.

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