How To Hunt Farmland Deer

Do you want to learn how to hunt farmland deer? Ever wonder why farmland deer would be different to hunt? Here's why and how to hunt farmland deer. Deer living in farmland have much less natural cover to hide in, which often affects their daytime and nighttime movements. To hunt deer in these open stretches of treeless lands you will need a couple of strategies.

  1. First of all, to hunt farmland deer, you will need to find funnels. Just look at an aerial photo of farmland and you will note the textures that define fields divided by tree lines, ditches, and fence rows. These are your funnels, or deer travel routes if you want to think of them that way. Look for the area where these travel routes intersect with other travel routes or with larger tracts of cover like hardwoods or brushy fields. These intersections are prime spots to find deer moving through. 
  2. Second, to hunt farmland deer successfully, you will need to scout.  Farmland deer are often most easily scouted from afar with a pair of binoculars. Fortunately the typically open ground makes it relatively simple to spot deer moving along these travel routes. Be sure to scout thoroughly before setting up a treestand along one of these routes. 
  3. Once you have located the travel routes of farmland deer and the locations the deer are moving through to access food sources, you will want to prepare your ambush for early morning. Always approach the site from downwind and try to be on location well before daylight.
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