How To Hunt A Louisiana Coyote

After being skunked in the Bayou State two or three times the question of how to hunt a Louisiana coyote enters the sportsman's mind. A few tips and tricks will increase the chances of the varmint hunter bagging one of these wily animals. In Louisiana, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries classify coyotes as furbearers, therefore the rules concerning furbearers apply. 

To hunt a Louisiana Coyote you will need:

  • Coyote call
  • Camouflage clothing
  • High powered rifle
  • Louisiana hunting license
  • Hunting rifle rest or bipod (optional)
  • Decoy (optional)
  1. Scout hunting locations. Coyotes are located almost statewide, but when scouting a location a hunter should bear in mind that the bullets they fire will travel a long way so it is important to know not only what is visible, but also what is within the range of the bullet. A proper backstop where the shots will be fired is important. If the hunter positions themselves at the top of a hill, often their shots will be down into the bottoms or valleys, and the dirt will provide the backstop.
  2. Obtain permission from the landowner to hunt. Most landowners, particularly ranchers, are very happy to allow a hunter to rid their ranch of the varmints, but be careful of family pets and livestock wandering around. A hunter should always let the landowner know when they will be hunting as well as finding out who or what may be in the hunting area that day.
  3. Coyote calling. It is generally accepted that the "dying rabbit" call is most effective on coyotes. There are a number of manual calls on the market as well as recordings available for download or purchase. To take advantage of the coyote's predatory nature, other calls that work are the sounds of small dogs, chickens, and small birds. If the traditional dying rabbit call is not working, change tactics and use one of the others. In addition to the ones discussed above, "bleating deer fawn" calls occasionally work as does a "fawn in distress" call.
  4. Use a decoy. There are a number of decoys available that simulate movement and work well with a dying rabbit call. Once the coyote is spotted any manual calling should stop since it draws attention to the area where the hunter id located rather than to the area of the decoy. If an electronic call is used,  the decoy should be placed as close to the call as possible. One purpose of the decoy is to focus the coyotes attention on it rather than on the hunter.
  5. Camouflage yourself and your rifle. Likely more coyotes are lost every year due to the hunter being spotted ahead of time rather than there being no coyotes or them not responding to the calls. Complete camo is necessary including all shiny spots on the gun. Watch the other wildlife around you while hunting. If they spot you, so will the coyotes.

Learning how to hunt a Louisiana coyote is very simple, and using these basic tips a productive trip is likely.

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