How To Hunt Squirrels With A Pellet Rifle

Want to learn about how to hunt squirrels with a pellet rifle? Hunting squirrels is a small challenge of monumental proportions, especially when undertaken using an adult pellet rifle.  It is an endeavour that has lost popularity in the light of big game hunting in America, and yet it is a pastime that can be enjoyed by anyone in the smallest of woodlots.  An adult pellet rifle offers just the right tool to bring this challenge to light.  Many such rifles offer sufficient power to effectively kill small game and yet provide a level of safety in populated areas that firearms, even rim-fire rifles, can not.  Following is a list of items needed to successfully hunt squirrels.

  • A pellet rifle of sufficient power (at least 700 fps velocity in .177 cal or 600 fps velocity in .22 cal).
  • Camouflage clothing including a head net and gloves to hide glare from your cheeks and hands.
  • A hunting vest or game pouch for carrying your game.
  • A woodlot where you have gained permission to hunt.
  • A hunting license for the state you intend to hunt in.

Once you have the above items in order, and hunting season in accordance with your state's regulations has begun, you can begin to experience the challenge of squirrel hunting.  You can hunt any time of the day, but for best results try early morning and late evening.  So, dress in your camouflage, use your head net and gloves, grab your game bag and rifle and let's talk about a few tips to make your hunt successful.

  1. No matter what time of day it is go slow.  Stop often and listen.  You should spend more time watching and listening than actually moving.
  2. Be alert squirrels are easy enough to spot while jumping between tree limbs and make quite a bit of racket when doing so.  Often you will hear the gnawing sounds they make while chewing through the shell of a hickory nut or acorn. 
  3. Once you've located them, move in slow, using larger trees to shield your movement.  Try to move within twenty or twenty-five yards before selecting a shot.  With a pellet rifle it is always best to aim for the head to ensure a clean kill.

Be aware of the hunting regulations in your state and enjoy the outdoors.  Hunting squirrels with pellet rifles provides a special and unique challenge that is often overlooked.

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