How To Hunt White Tail Deer In The Southeast

Learning how to hunt white tail deer in the southeast is not as hard as one may think. The southeast is by far the easiest place to hunt white tail deer. Read on to find out how to hunt these deer and learn the tricks some old timers use to hunt white tail deer. 

  1. White tail deer love to graze in fields. When hunting deer in fields be sure to hunt from an area that has plenty of cover to hide if you are hunting from the ground. The best way to hunt white tail deer in a field is with a tree stand. Tree stands can be purchased at any sporting goods store.
  2. Tree stands are also good to hunt deer in areas that are semi open and thick covered. Deer tend to come out to the semi open areas when weather is rainy or snowy. Place the tree stand in a tree that gives you plenty of room to see all around the stand. This gives you a clear and visible shot.
  3. Wear a cover scent. Deer can smell you a mile away. So a cover scent is essential.
  4. Hang doe urine from a tree. Soak cotton balls in doe urine purchased form a sporting goods store. Real doe urine is best but store brought will work if you do not have the real thing.
  5. Many people think the next way is cheating at hunting. However, it is a great way to hunt white tail deer in the southeast. Bait the deer. Throw out a bucket of corn in the location you plan to hunt. This will draw the deer into that area.
  6. Salt blocks are another wonderful item to have on hand. Deer love salt and this is a great way to attract bucks. Place the salt block in the location you plan to hunt.
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