How To Hydro

If you want to know how to hydro breakdance, you must be whacked because it's a power move that requires balance, rotation and strength. We, however, are whacked enough to show you how to do it. Hyrdo breakdancing is also called the cricket. Don't ask why, we're just passing along the information. Think like a bug that can cut a groove and maybe you, too, can hydro breakdance.

  1. Face the floor. Get in the middle of an open space and literally, face down onto the floor. Keep your body flat out, not stiff but relaxed.
  2. Balance on elbows. Press your arms up and get those elbows on your hips. Keep them there. This is similar to a yoga move.
  3. Lift and bend. The next step is for you to lift your body off the floor. With your hands flat on the floor, bend your knees and spread your legs out with your feet up in the air. This is the third step to the hydro.
  4. Spin. Place your right hand over to the right of your body, keeping those elbows pressed against the hips at all times. Your left hand should follow as you rotate your entire body, staying off the ground by using your elbows as an anchor.


Super float hydro is similar but the faster you spin, the easier it gets. Just kidding. This is a power move that requires you to keep those elbows tight right on the hips and your entire body off the floor as you twirl like a mad man. Practice, practice, practice and you’ll cricket yourself into a spinning hydro breakdancing move that will impress your friends. This dance move is not for the weak. So toughen up and hydro!

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