How Hyperthyroidism Affects Male Fertility

Want to learn how hyperthyroidism affects male fertility? Hyperthyroidism, or overactive thyroid, can cause several sexual symptoms in men. These include premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, a low sex drive, with delayed ejaculation being a symptom in a few cases. Read on to learn how hyperthyroidism can affect male fertility and what to do about it.

  1. Premature ejaculation. If your thyroid is in overdrive, you can experience premature or early ejaculation when having sex. This is one way in which hyperthyroidism affects male fertility and sexuality.
  2. Erectile dysfunction. Having difficulty with obtaining an erection and/or maintaining that erection once you get one can be another effect of having an overactive thyroid. If this is a personal issue, you may want to have your thyroid tested via a blood test.
  3. Lack of drive. A disinterest in sex or a low sex drive can result from hyperthyroid activity. If you find yourself losing interest in your partner or just not feeling like having sex, this may be an issue for you.
  4. Delayed ejaculation. Having a hard time ejaculating can be a result of medication you are taking, but can also be a sign that your thyroid is malfunctioning. If you suffer from delayed ejaculation, you may want to have your thyroid checked.

 Hyperthyroidism can lead to many symptoms affecting male fertility. Other symptoms of hyperthyroidism include being hot, heart palpitations, sweating, and weight loss. Because it can be easily checked out by a visit to your doctor and a blood test, you should look into hyperthyroidism if you are having one or more of the symptoms mentioned. These symptoms can also be related to other problems, such as low testosterone levels, so you'll need to be tested to know if your thyroid is the culprit.

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