How To Hypnotize A Dog

Learn how to hypnotize a dog. Dogs are cute, fuzzy animals, but sometimes, they could get a little out of human control. You would have to train them and convince your dog of certain things. Wouldn't it be great just to hypnotize them into the behavior you want them to have? Well, follow these great steps to help hypnotize your dog.

Things you will need:

  • Quiet environment
  • Dog
  • Comfortable surface
  1. Get your dog to lay down. If your dog is untrained, then you would need to get your dog to lay down on a comfortable surface. Whatever technique you use, make sure your dog has relieved their bladder already. Also, make sure your dog is able to stay in the comfortable position for an extended period of time.
  2. Work on the dog's forehead. Put the palm of your most used hand on your dog's forehead. Then, place your middle and index finger on the dog's forehead right above the eye sockets. Please be sure to not accidentally poke the dog's eyes. Rub your dog's forehead in repeated circular patterns. With each repetition, exert more pressure. You could alternate from counterclockwise and clockwise. Do this until the dog falls asleep or into a trance.
  3. Begin voice work. While the dog is in a trance, repeat your desire and purpose of the hypnosis. Do this over and over until the dog reacts. It could be anything from an ear twitching or a leg moving. The dog will react in such a different way of the hypnosis is successful.
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